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December 24, 2009

SOS: Television broadcasts programs that should be banned!

Moscow Patriarchate urge to struggle against anonymity in Internet

Moscow, October 15, Interfax – The Russian Church is concerned with the danger of spreading extremist ideas in Internet.

“From my experience in Internet and on the radio, I see how differently people behave there. You can know a person at least by his voice on the radio, and thus, when speaking on the radio, people communicate politely, worthily, humanly in 95 percent of cases,” head of the Synodal Church and Society Department Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said on Wednesday at a session of the Pobeda Russian Committee.

“Mutual insults and extremist statements are so frequent” in blogs “where people usually hide behind nicknames,” he said.

Fr. Vsevolod also backed up an idea to set up a cycle of TV and radio programs on spiritual and moral education of youth and stressed, “absence of demand on such programs is a myth.”

The priest cited sociological data voiced at a TV channel, according to which about one third of Russian population prefer to watch documentaries and educational programs and about 90 percent believe that “today, television broadcasts programs that should be banned.”


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