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January 20, 2009

Mass passion for Harry Potter uncovers social degradation

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Mass passion for Harry Potter uncovers Russian society’s degradation – Andrey Kurayev

Moscow, December 24, Interfax – The Moscow Theological Academy professor Dn. Andrey Kurayev is astonished to see many grown-ups passionate for childish Harry Potter series while he believes they should be interested in some more serious reading instead.

‘It is strange that this children’s book reaches out so adult audience. For the kids the book is too big and complex anyway, but for the grown-ups it completely fits the mass intellect,’ he told Kommersant-Dengi weekly.

According to Kurayev, ‘Those who could read Kafka, Dostoyevsky or Sartre have become devoted to Harry Potter,’ which ‘uncovers our society’s cultural degradation.’

‘When a children’s book becomes number one for the adult world, that may mean on of the two things. Either the nation is wholly enlightened by the Gospel, which is not so, or the nation is not mature enough for the all books save children’s ones,’ he added.

He said he normally read books on theology, history and philosophy that he needed for what he did.

On the other hand, Kurayev confessed that Harry Potter-7 was the last fiction he had read.


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