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January 20, 2009

America intentionally provoked financial crisis

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America intentionally provoked financial crisis to gain world domination

Moscow, December 3, Interfax – Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Deacon Andrey Kurayev believes the USA has intentionally provoked the world financial crisis in order to form “new world government.”

“The Western world has absolutely intentionally staked on devaluation of money for more than 20 years, this is “Reaganomics.” I can’t even imagine that American economic and financial leaders failed to predict the results of thoughtless crediting of population and increasing state, corporate and private debts. They’re clever people,” Fr. Andrey has told Interfax-Religion correspondent on Wednesday.

He supposes, it “was absolutely intentional stake on crisis.”

“What is the use of this crisis? I can judge only from very similar signals, words and receipts coming from various Western countries. States all over the globe are saving private companies. However, when saving, they introduce very strict control over them. After cleaning up medium business and nationalization of big one, epoch of “new socialism” will come. In this case, the consequences of the crisis will be similar to those of 9/11/01,” the deacon believes.

Fr. Andrey noted that after terrorist attacks of September 11, western citizen “was told he was attacked and thus should be under police escort. He started living under vigilant police guard and was deprived of his right to privacy, cameras always follow him, and he is asked to have electronic documents, fingerprints and a passport, which hasn’t happened in England since World War II.”

“The space of private freedom was abruptly restricted. Under pretence of struggling against mythic Al Qaeda, they started spying on ordinary citizens of the European Union and the USA! The same thing will happen to big business. State will now spy on legal entities instead of physical persons. And again – it will be done only for common good,” the interviewee of the agency believes.

According to him, “the most terrible tricks were played for the sake of “equality” in the 20th century, while the world will be reconstructed and freedom dismantled for “security” reasons in the 21st century.”

“Thus, I believe that crushing of two New York towers and crushing of local stock exchanges are chapters of the same scenario that aims at setting up “new world government” with very totalitarian ambitions,” the professor concluded.

Source: http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=5445


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