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January 16, 2009

Lutherans wrong

Orthodox theologian doesn’t share Lutheran opinion on hell and warns sinners against illusions

Moscow, March 27, Interfax – The Moscow Theological Academy Professor Alexey Osipov believes that certain Lutheran hierarchs of Denmark are deeply mistaken when they try to declare that hell is “a metaphor” and claim only paradise is real.

“Such position of Danish theologians results from a physiological state characterized in a proverb about an ostrich sticking its head in the sand when sensing danger. Or when a child closes his eyes and say “I’m not here,” Osipov said on Wednesday in his interview to Interfax-Religion.

According to him, Orthodox theology considers the mentioned Lutheran ideas “not only an awful mistake and delusion, but childish in reasoning, but unfortunately, not childish at core self-deception, an attempt to create an illusion that everything will be alright: we’ll live properly here and get all the best there.”

“Orthodox Christianity can’t accept this conviction and considers it extremely liberal as it corresponds neither with the Holy Scripture nor with what we call Tradition. The Gospels is very precise both about the paradise and about the hell and makes Lutheran statements absolutely groundless,” Osipov noted.

All religions admit the devil’s existence, it has the oldest tradition. “All canonized ascetics in the church history spoke of possible influence of demons on a man,” the interviewee of the agency stressed.

Osipov believes these Danish Lutheran convictions are first signs of liberalization of Western Christianity.

“Protestants try to create an idyll of the “level” Christianity that leads directly to the paradise,” Osipov said.

Source: Directions to Orthodoxy, http://directionstoorthodoxy.org/n/orthodox_theologian_doesnt_share_lutheran_opinion_on_hell_and_wa.html


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